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Hunter Field Team

Hunter fields the largest dedicated consulting and support force in the undercar service industry.




Independent Business Consultants


Independent Service Representatives



Customer satisfaction is key to Hunter's success.

Hunter has an extensive network of business consultants and service representatives available to provide account assistance, product information and technical and training support.




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Curious on how the purchasing process works?



A conversation is started

A conversation is started between you and your local Hunter business consultant to identify your needs and specific equipment interests. This process may also involve questions about your goals, facility layout, daily business volume and more. This conversation will help ensure you get the right piece of equipment for your business.



A demonstration is performed

An in-depth product demonstration is arranged and performed for you on-site. Your Hunter business consultant can perform a demonstration on their demo truck or in your shop. You will hear about product benefits, features, and have any questions answered that you may have about equipment.



Your purchase is made

If you decide to purchase Hunter equipmentyou will receive a quote from your Hunter business consultant and you will have the opportunity to sign to purchase. The quote is then turned over to your local distributor and your order is placed from Hunter Engineering Company Corporate.



Your equipment is delivered

Hunter Corporate will soon ship equipment directly to your business where your local Hunter service representative will install product on-site within 1-2 days of delivery, while ensuring everything is working properly and you’re satisfied with your purchase and their installation.



Ongoing support is provided for your equipment

Your local Hunter field team is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction post-installation for the life of Hunter product. Your Hunter service representative is your resource for providing on-site training, warranty service, and continued service for the life of your Hunter equipment. With 4 out of 5 customers within 56 miles of a Hunter service representative, same or next day service is possible for all Hunter customers.


Your local Hunter team can answer questions, provide demonstrations, perform service and more.



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Designed & Built in the USA

Family owned, goal-driven

Expert assembly goes into each alignment system, alignment console, tire changer, balancer, brake lathe and other components.

Innovation Team


Hundreds of patented and exclusive features begin with the research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

Hunter History

Since 1946

Founded by Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Lee Hunter, Hunter Engineeringhas built a reputation for innovation.

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