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Thomas Tire on Hunter Heavy-Duty Equipment

"We invest in our equipment not only for our customers, but for our employees."


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Thomas Tire’s job is to keep commercial drivers on the road. Thomas depends on Hunter equipment to make sure that happens.

Customers have long relied on Thomas Tire in Asheboro, NC to take care of their HD vehicles, says co-owner Sally Thomas. In turn, Thomas relies on Hunter equipment to maintain that trust. “Our dad was always a firm believer in investing in quality, and that’s what we’ve done,” she says.

Hunter customers for more than 25 years, the Thomas Tire Commercial & OffRoad location owns four tire changers, two balancers and three full alignment systems. Sally Thomas places great value in being able to meet any service challenge. “One thing about Hunter that’s important is they have equipment for whatever’s coming in the door.”

Hunter equipment also plays a role in Thomas’ high technician retention rate, “because we invest in really great equipment.” Thomas wants the work environment to be something they can be proud of, giving the techs a better work life and allowing them to work smarter, not harder.

“Hunter equipment is definitely worth the investment for us,” Thomas says. “We believe in it. We’ve got the proven track record with it.”



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